Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Third Priority Agenda: Agriculture!

Third Priority Agenda: Agriculture!

Dear All,

Today, I will be revealing my proposed plans for youth in Agriculture. This will be our third proposed point of priority.

1. AGRICULTURE: Agriculture has been a major provider of employments to large number of young people in commonwealth countries, but this sector needs to be modernised in many of these countries so as to make it attractive to young people. Agriculture has lost its prestige in the eyes of so many young people due to its traditional nature. Investing in all value chains of agriculture will create millions of job opportunities to teaming unemployed young people in the commonwealth countries. CYC under our leadership (if elected) proposes the following line of actions in order to support youth in agriculture:

i. BUDGETARY ALLOCATION: The CYC under our leadership will agitate for proper funding to the agricultural sector through the commonwealth heads of governments. This is to help revitalize and modernize the sector by providing contemporary agricultural facilities. The CYC will chase for increase in budgetary allocation for agricultural sector.

ii. AGRICULTURAL SKILLS TRAINING: as the sector is been modernized, new equipment and facilities will be introduced, the CYC will ensure that youth are properly trained on how to make use of these facilities, and they will be sensitized on the potentials of the sector in changing their lives.

iii. CREDIT FACILITIES: the CYC through the regional, national and local youth structures will identify the youth that need support in agriculture. This will include youth that are already into agriculture and those that want to join the sector. Subsequently, relevant business collaborations and sponsorship will be facilitated to empower these young people.

Please feel free to make your contributions! Please see poster attached.


Thank you
Ahmed Adamu,

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