Tuesday, 29 October 2013

4th Priority Agenda: ICT

4th Priority Agenda: ICT

My 4th proposed agenda is our commitments toward improving accessibility, reliability and better use of information and communication technology among the commonwealth youth.

ICT: The modern civilization has turned the world to a global village where information and communication can be made prompt. Education and Business are now IT inclined. Therefore, to catch up with the modern world, youth need to be technologically acquainted, and should also learn how to make productive use of these opportunities. Strong and reliable internet accessibility enhances productivity and economic prosperity. If elected, we proposed the following programmes:

i. INTERNET ACCESSIBLITY: in many commonwealth countries, accessibility and quality of internet services has been a serious issue of concern. CYC under our leadership will appeal to governments, telecommunication companies and other service providers to improve the strength, reliability, affordability and sustainability of internet services in these countries. This will be achieved through a youth led dialogue with all the stakeholders in the sector in the affected countries.

ii. ICT TRAINING: many young people are not aware of how to make use of computer system or surf the internet. To carry these young people along, ICT and computer workshops/training will be provided especially in countries that are left behind in the sector.

iii. FREE DISTRIBUTION OF COMPUTER/ COMMUNICATION DEVICES: the CYC will seek for sponsorship and collaborations for provision of free computer sets and modern smart mobile devices to some less privileged and physically challenged young men and women.

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Ahmed Adamu,
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