Tuesday, 29 October 2013

6th Priority Agenda: Youth Employment

6th Priority Agenda: Youth Employment

EMPLOYMENT: All the previously mentioned agendas are tailored toward guaranteeing youth employment which upholds youth development and independence. The commonwealth youth development index has reported poor working conditions, under-employments and absolute unemployment among the youth in many commonwealth countries. In order to guarantee quality youth employment and wellbeing, we proposed the following points:

i. PRIVATE-PUBLIC PARTNERSHIP: Since we understood the fact that government alone cannot provide the required employment for our teaming youth, there should be private involvement in providing quality job opportunities. The CYC will make a survey, visit and appeal to multinational private organizations in order to convince them and partner with governments in creating and enhancing working conditions for the youth in the commonwealth.

ii. FREE LABOUR MOVEMENTS: Free movement of labour is critical for ensuring economic prosperity and reducing unemployment. More than 40% of unemployment in the world can be estimated to be a structural unemployment, which is the type of unemployment that occurs because some labour markets have more workers than there are jobs available, and for some reason wages don't decrease to bring the markets into equilibrium. Recommendations will be made to the commonwealth meeting of heads of governments in easing the transfer/hire of labour between commonwealth countries. It was reported that, large number of human labour is concentrated in regions where there is no or little demand for their services, but where there is demand for such services, the labour supply is very low. To tackle the labour market failure, commonwealth countries should lessen their immigration requirements and strictness to enable young people pursue their life goals and ambitions.

iii. JOB INFORMATION: In many commonwealth countries, one of the major causes of unemployment is lack of information. The CYC will agitate and chase for policy enactment through the office of the VICE CHAIR: POLICY AND ADVOCACY to compel all corporate and government organizations to publish their job opportunities and also make it available to job centres. Countries that do not have these job centres should be called to establish them or to create any other medium through which youth can access information about job opportunities that suit their interest and profession. Regional and National Youth leaders would be encouraged to monitor the process of employment in their countries to ensure fairness and transparency.

iv. DATABASE FOR UNEMPLOYED YOUTH: the CYC will make proposal to all commonwealth countries to create a database for unemployed youth. This will contain their background, education and work experiences. This will serve as indicator for the level and type of unemployment persistent in every country. It will also make it easy for employers to promptly have access to their potential employees; it will also reduce the period of stay before a candidate submits his/her information to employers.

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