Tuesday, 29 October 2013

5th Priority Agenda: Youth Governance/leadership support.

5th Priority Agenda: Youth Governance/leadership support.

Today, I will be revealing to you my 5th priority Agenda which is:

Youth Governance/leadership support.

Commonwealth youth constitute more than half of the commonwealth population, and they represent the future of the commonwealth. There is no doubt youth are leaders of today and tomorrow. Preparing and engaging young people in governance is an investment for future prosperity. Leadership is like a vehicle, you have to be trained before you can drive it. One of the core values of Commonwealth Youth Council is to ensure adequate youth inclusion in leadership, decision making and developmental issues. To ensure better youth participation in progressive development and proper leadership training, I propose to pursue the following agendas:

i. MINIMUM OF 30% YOUTH LEADERSHIP ALLOCATION: My leadership will vigorously appeal and chase for at least 30% allocation of political/leadership positions to youth across the commonwealth’s countries. This will help expose the youth to the leadership challenges and enable them acquire necessary leadership skills required for better governance in the future. This will comprise inclusion in ministerial appointments, international official delegations, appointments as aid to the heads of governments, involvement in political party structures and house of parliament, etc

ii. YOUTH PARLIAMENT: it is good that some commonwealth youth countries have already established Youth Parliaments in their countries. CYC under our leadership, will strengthen the sustainability and improvement of the programme, and ensure establishment of the YP in other countries that have not implemented yet.

iii. DEMOCRACY AT YOUTH LEADERSHIP STRUCTURES: Democracy shall be maintained at all levels of youth leadership, our leadership will ensure absolute democracy, fairness, and transparency at regional, national and local youth leadership structures. This will be done through youth leadership assessment committee that will observe and report on the democratic settings of youth leadership structures in every commonwealth countries.

iv. ADEQUATE FUNDING FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT WORKS: our leadership will push for improvement in budgetary allocations for youth development organizations and other related youth development projects. The CYC will ensure fairness and transparency in distributing these funds to the youth led organizations.

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