Thursday, 2 April 2015

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s victory and youth in governance

By Dr. Ahmed Adamu
In the 2015 presidential elections, the history of Nigeria has now taken a new and positive shape. Nigerians have shown to the world that the country’s beacon still burns as bright. They proved that despite the despair and great challenges, a government of the people by the people and for the people remained possible.

A very big congratulation to General Muhammadu Buhari for this victory as the president -elect. His endurance in pursuit of his dream to serve his country is commendable and a lesson for the future generation. If his emergence thought Nigerian youth anything, it is that content of character; endurance and determination are forces that make every dream possible.

A special congratulation to the Nigerian president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for keeping to his promise of ensuring free, fair and peaceful elections, despite the opportunity he had to do otherwise.

He chose to allow the will of the people decide. For the first time in years, Nigerians and the international community are in agreement with the election outcome. Mr President’s respect for democratic values is something that will go down in history. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, there will be a political transition from one political party to another at the centre. This is a sign of maturity of democracy in the country.

The 2015 election has restored hope and confidence in Democracy not only in Nigeria, but across Africa. Many African countries will learn great lessons and draw more democratic confidence from the Nigerian election. The country has set a precedent that many countries will follow.

One of the core values of the Commonwealth are democracy, freedom of expression, international peace and tolerance, respect and understanding, and all these were showcased during the political process in Nigeria. Therefore, we want to congratulate Nigeria for achieving this commendable milestone.

As young people, the measure of our success in the Nigerian election is by the peacefulness and decorum of the process. We have invested so much to ensure peaceful elections in Nigeria. The Commonwealth Youth Council led Nigerian youth in a campaign for non-violence election, and we can celebrate, because our objective has been achieved. I want to congratulate all the Peace Marshals and Ambassadors who volunteered and worked selflessly to make this a reality.

Nigerian Youth have made sacrifices and stood on queues, under the scorching sun and under the rain for hours, and many for the first time in their lives, because they believed their voices must be heard. They voted for the candidate of their choice.

These are manifestation that Nigerian youth have understood their democratic rights and are ready to actively participate in shaping the future they will live in. This is a victory to the youth.

There is no better time than now for Nigerian youth to work collectively in pursuing a youth development agenda. The Nigerian youth must take their rightful position, be in the centre stage in a democratic society.

The political outcome was determined by the youth’ votes; therefore, their voices must matter in governance. Young people must form at least 30% of the political positions at all levels. This is the new campaign for the Nigerian youth. The youth must demand for a youth minister and active involvement in decision-making processes at all levels.

General Buhari should never assume that the new job will be an easy one. To make the job easier, Nigerian youth must embrace the spirit of patriotism and sense of responsibility and work together as a people to build the nation. However, to build the nation, the youth must be built.

The political fight is over. Nigerians must come together irrespective of political affiliations, ethnic and faith persuasion to fight for the country we all love and be ready to sacrifice for its success.

I enjoin every Nigerian to put the country first before any other interest, and let us all be champions for peace. As we celebrate Democracy, let us do so with love, brotherhood and tolerance to enjoy the beauty of Democracy.

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