Friday, 20 March 2015

Ahmed Adamu Gets African Of The Year Award



The first African/Nigerian to be the Chairperson of the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC), Ahmed Adamu, recently was bestowed with the honourable African of the Year Award. He received this at the African Achievers Awards Annual International Summit, which held at the British House of Parliament. The award was presented on the 13th of this month by HE Harry Hugan of the British Department of International Development.

Adamu at the Summit addressed the topic “Investing in Africa: A key to Sustainable Development”, where he challenged Africans as being responsible for the economic flaw in the continent. The Chairperson equally pointed out the enormous investment and money Africans convey to the western countries.

“We Africans are responsible for the investment gaps in our continent, because most Africans prefer to invest their money in the developed world. We also contribute to the economic development of the Europeans through education, tuition fees, visa fees, flight tickets, money transfer etc, all these are injections to foreign economies and leakages from the African economies,” he indicated.
He also specified that the country’s Agricultural sector is a sustainable and reliable area for African investment, as this would place Africa as the global economic leaders. He also encouraged Africans to patronise African products.

Likewise, Adamu mentioned the corruption plaguing Africa and believes that if corruption is tackled this can lead to the full economic development of the continent. He also pointed out that Africans have the responsibility to expel all corrupt leaders through democratic processes. “We will have to let our conscience guide our democratic decisions devoid of sentiments,” he commented, further adding that the first civilisation started in Africa, and Africa is the hope for global prosperity, as such Africans ought to build and invest in Africa.

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