Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Dear Young people of the Commonwealth and across the world,

As we are blessed to witness yet another new year, I want to congratulate all of you and wish you a happy and healthy new year. This is usually the time we celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of another, it is a season of rising hopes and new expectations. The year 2014 is a year for peace and unity, it is a year young people will renew ...our commitments towards advancing youth development agenda. 2013 had been with so many challenges and opportunities, let us learn from those challenges and build on the opportunities presented, the year 2013 was very historical as it was the year that young people of the Commonwealth came together to chart a new beginning by constituting and electing the inaugural executives of the Commonwealth Youth Council. This has given the youth more hopes and confidence that, with this powerful platform, the young people’s interest and voice will be effectively represented and amplified respectively in the years ahead.

The year 2014 is the year for Youth; it is the year young people will rise to play an integral role of rebuilding economies and nations. Young people are agents for progressive development and major assets of every society. With our vigour, creativity and intelligence, young people are central in every positive change. In this year, young people will seek for proper inclusion in governance, and adequate support in Education and Entrepreneurship. The present and future prosperity of the world lies on the youth, and empowering us is a way of ensuring a safer and a more prosperous world.
I would like to use this opportunity to call on young people to be more united and become active citizens in our societies. I equally urge youth to embrace entrepreneurship, as it is one of the ways of tackling youth un-employment. We will continue to advocate for support and sponsorship to young entrepreneurs. I will encourage young people to venture in business that meet market demands. Similarly, youth shall use this New Year to renew our perceptions about Agriculture, as it is one of the major employment provider and way of earning a decent living.

As representatives of young people in the Commonwealth, we will always listen to you and involve you actively in everything we do, and we hope you will support us in achieving our shared vision for empowering and engaging young people in the Commonwealth. The CYC will partner and engage all youth development stakeholders and initiatives that aimed to empower young people in the Commonwealth and beyond. I wish you a very fruitful and blessed new year.
Thank you,
Ahmed Adamu,

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