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Reference to article 17, item number 1 of the Commonwealth Youth Council’s constitution, the executives of the council established the following committees and subsequently appointed members for the committees.


Committee’s terms of reference: The Committee shall:

1. Be responsible for compiling and designing the CYC strategic plans and budget.
2. Come up with a monetary estimate for each project/programme.
3. Allocate time/period for each activity
4. Advice the executives for strict implementation of the strategic plans
5. Assist in executing the CYC projects where necessary
6. The CYC shall appoint implementation team for each project/programme
7. Collect reports and progress on every project/programme
8. Compile details of all CYC activities and achievements
9. Consult other youth organizations and advice the executives on new proposed programmes.
10. Explore partnership and collaboration potentials with other relevant stakeholders through the vice chair: Partnership and resources
11. Categorise and organize line of actions base on Policy, Advocacy, project, and programmes.
12. Initiate and introduce new line actions and recommend to the executives.

1. Jerome Marlon Cowans (Jamaica): (Head of the committee)
2. Rashid Sylvester (Greneda): (secretary of the committee)
3. Mr. Atemo Dishon Opulu (Kenya): (deputy head of committee)
5. Ali Ehtsham (Pakistan):
6. Hamza Yunusa Jibiya (Nigeria):
7. David Aoneka Rupa (Paupau New guinea):
8. Lola Mustapha (UK):
9. Amila Wensiri Rajapakshe (Sri Lanka)


Reference to Article 9 item no. 2 of the CYC constitution, the CYC Executives approved the creation of Membership Committee.

Committee's Terms of reference:
1. The committee is responsible for approving Members and Affiliate Observers of the Council.
2. The membership Committee shall review applications and submit recommended applicants to the executives for considerations.
3. It should provide clear process of registering with the CYC to all interested organizations.
4. The committee should call and explain the benefits of registering with the CYC to all interested youth organizations.
5. The committee shall liaise with the regional representatives to establish the CYC’s regional and national memberships and affiliations.
6. It is responsible for ensuring that CYC established its focal point at regional and national levels and seek the approval of the executives.
7. It shall support the regional representatives to ensure proper and democratic youth structures by all members and affiliate organizations.
8. The committee should receive and recommend to the executives all requests and concerns from member organizations and affiliates.
9. The committee should also have a database of all CYC members and affiliate organizations.
10. The committee can come up with initiatives to ensure wide coverage and support to the CYC membership.
11. The committee is responsible for outlining the rules and regulations for electing regional and country delegations to the commonwealth youth general assemblies in-line with the CYC constitution.
12. The committee is responsible for wide spread of the CYC membership across the commonwealth.

1. Komezusenge Daniel (Rwanda) (committee head)
2. Vanessa Picker (Australia) (committee secretary)
3. Ella Wairiu (Solomon Island)
4. Nathan Chanda Bawalya (Zambia)
5. Wendell Bertrane (St. Lucia)
6. Christina J K Giwe (Papua New Guinea)
7. Senel Wanniarachchi (Sri Lanka)
8. Karl Bugeja (Malta)
9. Hussen Riyas (Maldives)


Committee’s terms of reference:

1. The Publicity & Public Relations Committee will design a communication plan that will ensure information is effectively disseminated to Commonwealth Countries and surrounding communities about the activities and events of the CYC.
2. Issues press releases in collaboration with and on behalf of the CYC.
3. Liaise with relevant media outlets to insure media coverage of all CYC activities within the Commonwealth and wider audience.
4. Be responsible for maintaining and updating the Official CYC Website, Facebook Page, Twitter account and any other social media outlet.
5. Assist with arranging and managing media meetings and conferences for the CYC.
6. Assist in the development of a social calendar for all activities and international events and celebrations relevant to the CYC.
7. Design and publish a quarterly CYC Newsletter
8. Design CYC promotional materials
9. With the recommendation by the executives, assign media contact in every country within commonwealth
10. Any other function assign to the committee by the CYC executive.

1. Rahatul Ashekin (Bangladesh) (Head of the Committee)
2. Mridul Upadhyay (India) (Deputy Head of the committee)
3. Ziggy Steven Adam (Seychelles)
4. Koziba Malibala (Botswana)
5. Alicia Swinamer (Canada)
6. Triffany Daniels (Guyana)
7. Hanan Ali Abbasi (Pakistan) (member and Chief Media Adviser)
8. Popoola Isiaka Olamilekan (Nigeria) (Secretary of the committee)

Media Practitioners:
9. Oba Olasunkanmi John (Blue print Newspaper), member of the committee and special assistant to the Chair on Media and Publicity.
10. Abdulhamid Yunusa (Daily Trust Newspapers), member of the committee and Media consultant to the CYC.

More standing committees to be established.

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