Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) has reacted to the 2016 Nigerian budget presented by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to the outgoing chairperson of the youth council, Ahmed Adamu, who spoke with, he said the 2016 budget proposal has further reinforced the confidence and hope of the Nigerian youth, as it was clearly designed to reposition the young people in the country as economic and national development partners.

“Despite the 4% reduction in budget allocation to youth and sports sector compared to previous year, the 2016 budget has proposed additional allocation to other critical development sectors that correlate to youth development, which include Education, Works, Housing and Power etc,” he said.

Speaking further, he added: “These economic sectors if fully developed will provide millions of jobs to the young people, and enhance their employability. We therefore commend and welcomed the 2016 budget as tagged “budget of change”. As this administration is committed to fighting corruption, we hope that the budget will be implemented beyond 70% and all financial leakages will be blocked. We also hoped that young people will continue to take the centre stage in the implementation of the change agenda"

Adamu raised concern over the merger of the youth development and sport ministries.
“Young people are concerned that the youth development sector may not receive the specific and robust attention it deserves. The ministry of youth should therefore be supported and complemented by a government department or commission that will specifically be addressing youth development issues. This government institution should be led by the youth and for the youth. The youth development work requires specific professional experience and it has to be youth led, therefore, there should be a structure that will optimise speciality and professionalism in the youth development sector."

“That is why the young people are solidly in support of the legislative bill that has passed the first reading at the national assembly, which proposed for the creation of the youth development commission. This kind of initiative will enhance sense of inclusion and participation of young people, as it will provide a systematic engagement of the young people, and ensuring that professionalism and relevant youth development policies and programmes are reinforced,” he stated.

Adamu added that the government should create a platform that will create and coordinate networks of young professionals that will volunteer in the implementation of the change agenda.
“The youth development sector requires synergy devoid of duplication and isolated intervention. There should be clear understanding of the context of youth development issues and from which specific youth policies and programmes can be prioritised. All youth development funds from various government institutions should be consolidated and coordinated by the competent and responsible government organisation responsible for youth development,” he told this newspaper.…

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