Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Youth to Buhari: Support your govt with young people

Chairperson of the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) Ahmed Adamu has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint young people into his government to give it the necessary energy to perform.

In a statement issued in London where the council that speaks on behalf of some 1.2 billion youth in the commonwealth countries, Adamu said “Mr President does not have to worry about his limitations as long as he knows how to make best use of the young people in his administration”.

The statement is coming on the heels of comments credited to president Buhari that at his current age of 72, there was limitation to how much he could do. He reportedly said so in South Africa on Monday during a meeting with Nigeria residents in the country.

“The young people are the ones to live and immortalise his (Buhari) legacies, and without them being drawn closer, his legacy will go down with him. The legacies of Ahmadu Bello, Sarduana Sokoto live in our time because of his legacy of empowering the then young people, who as a result became leaders of this nation. What legacy is Buhari preparing to live behind? The answer lies in the youth. We want to see many younger Buharis in our generation,” Adamu said.

He said “we as young people, we will continue to support his administration in any way possible, because we are equally responsible for the success of this administration.”


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