Tuesday, 27 January 2015

On Election Violence in Nigeria

By Dr. Ahmed Adamu
We are disheartened and disappointed by statements made by a former Niger Delta militant and a Preacher. The former Niger Delta militant said "there will be a war if President Jonathan did not win election". The Preacher said "kill anyone that resemble BokoHaram".

While young people are committed to promoting peace especially during the election periods, such statements cannot be let go. Democracy is about convincing people not threatening them, and is a game of number. Elections can only be won by votes not by force. Religious leaders must preach peace. BokoHaram (BH) live in an isolated area, and for someone to say kill anyone that resembles them in an area that BH have never being is not right. BH do not have a particular look, and resembling BH can not cause anyone to be killed. Such statements are bound to cause violence especially at this difficult times.

We call on them to denounce their statements, otherwise they should be arrested for inciting comments. If not, such may encourage others to make similar comments, and may influence action.

John Kerry made it clear that, we must not only shun violence, we must promote peace. We encourage religious and group leaders to promote peace, tolerance and understand especially during elections. We must understand that election is not worth a single drop of a blood. We must allow freedom of choice and commit to truth and fairness. Other countries did their elections without tensions or any sort of violence, why not our country.

With peace, everyone wins. With violence, everyone looses. Let us all be winners.

Say No to Election Violence!

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